Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adventures in Geocaching

I have been feeling the pull more and more lately to be in nature. I always return home much more grounded after getting away, even if for just an hour. We have so much goodness surrounding us here in Idaho. The river, the mountains and the desert. All just a short car trip away. None of them hold the enchantment of the sea for me but I'll compromise. I think this is the start of the healing path I need to take. To remove myself from the confines of the house and the noise of the city and just BE.

Yesterday Hailee and I packed up the car for a quick day trip to the desert for some Geocaching. We started caching just one year ago as a new family hobby. It has proven to be an excellent way to get outside, exercise a little and explore new areas. We have found treasures like Artesian springs and hidden ghost towns all thanks to Geocaching. As of yesterday our find count is up to 32. Not too bad for a years time but definitely far behind some of the seasoned cachers.

On our treasure adventures we almost always are gifted with the sight of wildlife as well. Earlier this week there were eagles soaring high above us and yesterday lizards scampered across our path. I like feeling that they are messengers crossing my path and Hailee enjoys seeing them too. Just another plus to living where we do.

Lately I have been getting a lot of inquiries as to what Geocaching is exactly. Rather than attempt a complicated explanation I will direct you to this video which does a much better job:

Some things I would like to point out if you are thinking of giving it a try:

~Buy a handheld GPS because if you have AT&T like us you may or may not have service on your smartphone to use the app.

~Try to be stealthy. Chances are if someone sees you walking around picking up rocks and moving bushes aside you are going to look suspicious.

~The key to getting an accurate location on your GPS is to keep moving. Found this out the hard way on our first attempt.

~Don't be afraid to get dirty. Most likely the cache is going to be hidden under rocks, bushes or thorns. Wear boots. I always have to kick the box first before I pick it up just in case some critters have found a new home in it.

~Bring a garbage bag with you. Pick up trash on your way back from the cache. Mother Nature will thank you.


  1. I still want to do this with Bee! Thanks for this post. :)

  2. love reading about this adventure. this is definitely going on my life list. i know i would love this. i love the desert. and we are close to the mountains. i wonder what lurks in near our abode... thx for sharing the tips!

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  5. here is what I was attempting to say..... lol

    I thought it would be appropriate to comment here, seeing your heart shaped rock... I received a lovely postcard from you today, with two hands holding a heart shaped rock. And what makes it more fun is that my last name is Hart!!

    sending hope & love right back to you - Phyllis


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