Thursday, June 21, 2012

Once in a lifetime


This weekend we took Hailee to Seattle to see King Tut. She has been slightly obsessed with Egyptology for quite awhile and when we heard that this exhibit would be the last in the United States we knew we had to take her.


She was entranced the entire time as we shuffled through the stuffy and crowded gallery. My normally empathic and sensitive child was darting off in front of us and happily snapping photos with her dads phone of every single exhibit. Yes, every broach, every statue, every piece of shiny gold. It was her kind of heaven.


As a mom this is one of the things that gets to me the most. To experience something through her eyes for the very first time. She may not know how incredibly special the moment is just yet but I do and tear up just a little every time I watch her witness something new. All of these moments will make up her lifetime and I cannot help to feel privileged to witness it.

I mean cool is my kid? She can name more Egyptian Gods than the average person, has a miniature set of canopic jars in her bedroom and worships Zahi Hawass. All of this and only 7 years old!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Solstice!

Summer Solstice 2012 from Pixie Campbell on Vimeo
Please enjoy this lovely video by Pixie Campbell on this beautiful day!  

I'm also celebrating a kindred today as she chose today to launch her new site. It is gorgeous!

Sending love and light across the miles to you.
 Happy Solstice!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Message

I shot and edited this video for Vivenne McMaster's lovely Montage class. I was so excited to share I finished my video before the class was complete. She is holding a second session in August which I would highly encourage enrollment for. No doubt you'll love it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life List Update

I've had a few things to check off The Life List for awhile now but a few tiny little details were causing my inner critic to stall. I felt compelled to have gorgeously staged photos to blog about it first.You know what? I'm letting go of that today and just showing up. Quick photo and all.

Checking off: Plant a Garden in the Yard
Our first step into gardening is this humble little raised bed. It's cute and it's manageable. I do not have what some would consider to be a "green thumb" but I'm tickled pink that things are growing. We got a late start getting it in and right now I'm thankful for the cooler weather we are having to give my little garden a chance. 

Next off the list? Wine! 
If you have known me for awhile you know I always am quick to declare: "I don't like wine." I really didn't. It became a quest for friends when we were gathered to have me try the sweetest wine they could think of. I'm a vodka girl through and through. I love my martinis. That was until a friend handed me a glass of sweet white poured over frozen grapes! Brilliant! I don't think it would be any surprise to you to learn that my new favorite wine is called: New Age. Fitting. Now to be truthful I rather prefer this wine as a spritzer or Tincho which probably makes a lot of wine connoisseurs disgusted but I like it the way I like it and that is just fine with me!

The fact that I suddenly now like wine (sort of) shouldn't really surprise me as I've found that my tastes are changing as rapidly as my body these days. It was just a few months ago when I discovered I like cooked cauliflower after a lifetime of dislike. My body is also becoming increasingly more sensitive the more work I do spirit wise. I gave up soda and fast food. Next was Red dye 40 after having some allergic reactions every time I consumed it. Most gum and mints? Those are out too. I will spare you the rant I have about how everything is dyed and artificially flavored these days. It really is unnecessary and my body is clearly not happy about it. Interesting how sometimes the more we come alive the more we "feel" as well.

Lastly a fun update. I was contacted recently by Lori Nelson Spielman asking for permission to use my photo for her website. She wrote a novel about a woman who has to complete the life list she wrote at age 14 in order to earn her inheritance. It will be released in 2013. I'm very much looking forward to reading it when it comes out!

At this rate I will have to start adding more to my list. Any suggestions?