Friday, April 20, 2012

The Goodness


Earlier this month I got to play around with some test film from Impossible USA as part of their Pioneer program, but could not share any of the shots until the official release of the film. When I learned that I was selected as one of five winners this week and featured on their blog I felt so completely honored. I am a relative late comer to the Polaroid craze because when I started shooting with vintage cameras Impossible was already doing their thing. Believe me though, I am so happy they are. Which is a good reminder that it is never to late to start!

As if this week has not been incredible enough I also experienced a moment so powerful that it literally burst my heart wide open. I was invited to the elementary school to talk about my art to each of the classrooms. The questions I received from the students were all brilliant. There were lots of  questions about how I created this area and that or how long it took me to paint it but one little girl asked me if I "felt feelings when I painted." I was so struck by the fact that she really got it. 

The next day after school as I was picking up my daughter a little girl ran up to me and dug into her backpack saying she had something to show me. She pulled out a large stack of paintings. All colorfully and brilliantly put together. I soon realized that she had created them all that night after hearing me talk to her class. She proudly showed me one that had circles just like mine and how her initials were in the corner just like mine too! It took awhile to sink in but after I got home I realized that is why I do what I do. I will continue to explore, to shoot photos, to make jewelry and to paint because it just may inspire someone to do something that makes their heart sing too. 

I've been celebrating all the little and big moments this week.  I hope you are celebrating yours too!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy One Year

 One year ago I packed up my previous blog and created this space. One year of blogging as Altered Muse. I'm still in love with the name and happy that it still fits too. I've journeyed from photography to jewelry and now to painting. A little known fact about me (or well known if you are my husband) is I get bored easily and need to change things up sometimes to keep moving along. Which is why I have moved blogs in the past...a lot. So one year is justifiable for a grand celebration in my book.

I found it serendipitous that today my prints were ready from the art shop to be shared with the world. They came out beautiful! I don't think they could possibly look any closer to the originals. As a thank you to you all for cheering me on my painting journey I am offering 15% off in the shop until the end of the month. Use the code: ARTHEALS at checkout to get your discount!

Thank you all for being here. I've been pretty quiet lately but know I visit and check up on all of your blogs as often as possible. I'm so humbled to be a part of such a rich and supportive blogging community.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Saying Yes

Next week this canvas will be going to a new home. In an act of tremendous vulnerability I said yes to setting it free. There is something about painting that feels so very different than making jewelry or taking photographs to me. To paint is a process in trusting, in letting go and sometimes just mucking through the crap. I have never experienced the range of emotions in any other craft then what comes up during painting a piece. I can explain it no better than to say it is raw. Truly utterly...raw.

Then when you thought you could not possibly feel more opened up, you experience the naked moment of sharing that little piece of your heart with the world. Raw becomes....even more raw.

When the opportunity arose to donate a painting to help my daughters school I could not say no. I feel so strongly that art is important for our children growing up. They should be able to play without criticism and explore. In art they can be unique and not get it "wrong." Our schools are slowly losing their art programs and that saddens me greatly. The art program at my daughters school is entirely funded and taught by volunteers. So when I was asked to donate a piece for their art night I felt called to let this painting be the one.

The even better news? I am getting my last two canvases scanned and they will soon be available for sale as archival Giclée prints!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Raven's Flight

The Raven's Flight 

Finally the first canvas I started for Bloom True is complete. It underwent a tremendous transformation just like my previous canvas. In fact it is pretty much unrecognizable from the beautiful abstract creation I started with. I mourned covering that up. A lot. So much so I want to try to recreate it on a future piece. I spent many layers on this canvas covering and recovering. Working with what was working. Evolving what wasn't. Until eventually I saw a tree. I let the tree guide the rest of the process and then Raven came to me, off a page in a mythology book. So I sketched him out, and there he stayed. I learned today that some of the native tribe stories involve Raven carrying fire. I love that he took this direction in paint and will now honor that story in my heart.

I'm still working out the details on getting my canvases turned into prints and will hopefully have some available soon. Soon, I will be happily releasing the originals of my work into the world. If you feel called to give this canvas a home please let me know.