Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Raven's Flight

The Raven's Flight 

Finally the first canvas I started for Bloom True is complete. It underwent a tremendous transformation just like my previous canvas. In fact it is pretty much unrecognizable from the beautiful abstract creation I started with. I mourned covering that up. A lot. So much so I want to try to recreate it on a future piece. I spent many layers on this canvas covering and recovering. Working with what was working. Evolving what wasn't. Until eventually I saw a tree. I let the tree guide the rest of the process and then Raven came to me, off a page in a mythology book. So I sketched him out, and there he stayed. I learned today that some of the native tribe stories involve Raven carrying fire. I love that he took this direction in paint and will now honor that story in my heart.

I'm still working out the details on getting my canvases turned into prints and will hopefully have some available soon. Soon, I will be happily releasing the originals of my work into the world. If you feel called to give this canvas a home please let me know.

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  1. this is really lovely, Celina! congrats on the letting go, and just letting the process guide you. and i love the raven! you seem to be really connecting with painting and it is really beautiful to witness! big congrats! xo


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