Monday, April 16, 2012

Saying Yes

Next week this canvas will be going to a new home. In an act of tremendous vulnerability I said yes to setting it free. There is something about painting that feels so very different than making jewelry or taking photographs to me. To paint is a process in trusting, in letting go and sometimes just mucking through the crap. I have never experienced the range of emotions in any other craft then what comes up during painting a piece. I can explain it no better than to say it is raw. Truly utterly...raw.

Then when you thought you could not possibly feel more opened up, you experience the naked moment of sharing that little piece of your heart with the world. Raw becomes....even more raw.

When the opportunity arose to donate a painting to help my daughters school I could not say no. I feel so strongly that art is important for our children growing up. They should be able to play without criticism and explore. In art they can be unique and not get it "wrong." Our schools are slowly losing their art programs and that saddens me greatly. The art program at my daughters school is entirely funded and taught by volunteers. So when I was asked to donate a piece for their art night I felt called to let this painting be the one.

The even better news? I am getting my last two canvases scanned and they will soon be available for sale as archival Giclée prints!


  1. This is so beautiful, Celina. I wish I were local!

    And I understand your post so well... Thank you.

  2. wow-wow-wow girl! you gave them a beauty! i love how you stepped into it all! they certainly are inheriting a magical piece. extremely fortunate will be the lucky bidder! you grow girl!! xoxo


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