Thursday, June 21, 2012

Once in a lifetime


This weekend we took Hailee to Seattle to see King Tut. She has been slightly obsessed with Egyptology for quite awhile and when we heard that this exhibit would be the last in the United States we knew we had to take her.


She was entranced the entire time as we shuffled through the stuffy and crowded gallery. My normally empathic and sensitive child was darting off in front of us and happily snapping photos with her dads phone of every single exhibit. Yes, every broach, every statue, every piece of shiny gold. It was her kind of heaven.


As a mom this is one of the things that gets to me the most. To experience something through her eyes for the very first time. She may not know how incredibly special the moment is just yet but I do and tear up just a little every time I watch her witness something new. All of these moments will make up her lifetime and I cannot help to feel privileged to witness it.

I mean cool is my kid? She can name more Egyptian Gods than the average person, has a miniature set of canopic jars in her bedroom and worships Zahi Hawass. All of this and only 7 years old!


  1. She is a VERY cool kid (and a kindred spirit). I'm so glad she got to see this exhibit! And the pictures are wonderful. My inner Egyptologist is thrilled!

  2. she is adorable
    I can feel her excitement in the picture
    love that!

    love and light


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