Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

In just a few minutes we will be out the door braving the cool weather to trick-or-treat. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Halloween!

My Jack Pumpkin

Doesn't my husband make a great pirate? He even was a good sport about the eye liner.
Me as "Sookie" from True Blood.
Our little "Scooby". Can you tell the Tooth Fairy visited last night?


  1. Awesome costumes Celina! Your Sookie is spot on :) Love the pumpkin shot too, looks like you guys had a great Halloween!

  2. Celina,
    I loved the pictures. I wished I could of been there. Maybe someday I will be able to participate more in your life goings on. I really miss not being there in person. Super costumes. I hope you had a great time. Give a hug to Hailee for me. Love MOM


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