Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Musings

Why not start out Monday with reflection and cast aside the weekly dread?

5 things that make me happy, in this moment.

  • The ornamental grass blowing in the breeze this time of year. It is impossible for me to walk by and not touch the foofy tops.

  • All the new blogs I am discovering and devouring as fast as I can. Like this one and this one.

  • The fact that I survived my first Pilates class this morning!

  • My new hat from Piper and Paisley. I got so many compliments on it this weekend I think I may be becoming a hat person!

  • Playing Splode on the iPad. There is just something very meditative and zen about the cute little fluffy guys bursting to relaxing music.


  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog, Celina! I see you are a fellow Perfect Protester--love it!!! I am also getting into hats. I'm gonna check out the site you listed today. Good luck with the pilates!

  2. Love your new hat. I've never been much of a hat person either, but I'd be inclined to start if I had a cute one :D

    Thanks for your comments at dragonfly!! Hope you post some of your 10/10/10 photos - LOVED seeing all those glimpses into other parts of the country!

  3. Thanks for your lovely note on my blog, Celina! I love this idea of putting aside weekly dread on Mondays -- I just said to a friend this morning that I wished the week was already over. Going to try to focus on reflection instead. Can't wait to meet you June!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting Meghan and all your kind words.

  5. Thank you Kelley! I only ended up taking one photo for my official 10/10/10 and put it on Flickr. That great sunset I was hoping for didn't show.

  6. I'm going to have to try thinking of 5 happy things first thing on Monday. Maybe then I will have more positive outlook at work. Supervisors are supposed to put on a positive front in the face of going from 15 people to 8. Still trying to figure out how, in that reduction, I managed to go from being a supervisee to a supervisor...

  7. thanks, celina, for including me here. you're a gem! i look forward to seeing what you're up to here and while we unravel together. xh


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