Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm not feeling well today so it seems entirely appropriate to talk about detoxing my life. Susannah from posted this week on her blog about going through a Digital Detox. The idea is to set aside some time this week to declutter your digital life. In some ways I have already started doing that this month. There have been a lot of heavy emotional things going on for me at home and I genuinly have been working on making myself into a better "me."

I think we all have those certain people whether on Facebook, Twitter or just in our every day lives that just get under our skin. We can do one of several things in my opinion. First we can continue to let that person bother us and affect us negatively, we can change our outlook about that person or situation, or lastly we can just plain eliminate that person from our lives by trimming the fat so to speak. That is what I worked on earlier this week. Quietly "unfriending" a few people that I honestly did not know personally and every time I saw a comment from them I felt the negativity rolling off them. So that is where I started.

Susannah also talks about trimming down emails, blog subscriptions and other websites that generally are no longer adding to your life. I think it is a fabulous idea to unsubscribe to the email messages that show up and are usually automatically deleted in my case. Shopping advertisements are another great thing to trim. I get at least 20 a day in my inbox and most of them are never read. So starting today I am going to be hitting the "unsubscribe" link to those sites that are clogging up my inbox on a daily basis. Most websites thankfully make opting out a very simple process to do.

I want to add that I think this is something that can be done gently and with care. It doesn't have to be brutal and with a "Delete it all" attitude. There are so many great blogs that I do generally enjoy reading even if I don't get to them every day. There are so many great people out there that add something to my life and that I want to continue to connect with. Detoxing doesn't mean starting over, it just means trimming down a bit to make things more manageable and creating a more positive space around us.

If you want to see Susannah's invitation to participate in your own detox, click on over here.


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about and have been doing a little of this myself over the last few months. It is very hard to have negative people in your life on a regular basis, even if it is online. We all have bad days but there are just some people out there that aren't satisfied unless they are miserable.

    I think it is a necessity to get rid of that type of person from your life and you are very wise when you say this can be done in a gentle way. It truly can.

    When I first read the beginning of this I thought you were going to talk about organizing your hard drive, which I also did, but this is an even better kind of detox!

    I hope things around you start to calm down and you can continue on the journey to find your smile :)

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  3. I know exactly what you are talking about and have too been going through my personal digital detox. I believe that people/things are in your life for either a reason, season or a lifetime. Deciding which category they fall into is sometimes the hard part. Good luck on your detox and take comfort in knowing that you are not alone!


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