Monday, November 22, 2010

On being a Mom

This is how we spent our night last night. Watching our daughter, Hailee, in a hospital bed and waiting for tests. (Yes I really am crazy enough to snap the moment on my iPhone).  Thankfully she is fine and we are all home resting today. Sometimes being a parent means making intuitive choices, and sometimes those choices are made out of just plain old parental worry. Last night was of the latter for me. I'm thankful I was wrong. Now we just get to wait for the virus to run its course and I hope to avoid being barfed on anymore this week.


  1. Me too, you are a great MOM, looking back I wished I was better at it than i was. I wonder how you managed to turn out so great of a person.
    I love you dearly Celina.

  2. Parenting is the hardest and the most noble job on the planet. So glad to hear your little one is okay and that you are all home safe and resting!


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