Monday, August 22, 2011

My heart will forever be by the sea

Canon Beach Sunset
Canon Beach, Oregon

Home from an amazing week on the Oregon coast. So many photos to go through. So many little treasures to remember our time. I'm so grateful for the many trips I have taken to the coast this year.

Trip highligts:

  • Watching Hailee play with her cousins in the sand and run around the backyard of the beach house.
  • Collecting sand dollars on the beach and giving the live ones a second chance.
  • Watching sunset with my husband at Canon Beach. 
  • Waterfall hunting on the drive up.
  • Tillamook ice cream.
  • Revisiting the shores of Manzanita and dreaming of the time when the Tribe inhabits the beach house again.
  • Getting splashed by the seals at the aquarium.
  • Escaping on a solo adventure to an antique shop and finding 2 cameras to add to my collection.

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  1. Such a gorgeous photo, Cel!! And I am counting down the days 'til Manzanita. xoxo


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