Friday, August 12, 2011

What I Know About Me

Pola Me
Polaroid SX-70/Impossible PX680 Film

In this moment I know....

I'm an introvert through and through. I find it difficult to reach out to others and often wait for someone else to make the first move. I've learned that most of the time I miss out on friendships this way. I'm extremely skilled at pulling back instead of leaning in.

I'm well on my way to becoming the spiritual being I've avoided all my life. I'm afraid it's going to make me look like a hypocrite. I'm incredibly excited and a little bit scared about the journey ahead.

I like trips out on the open road more than I like being cramped in a stuffy airplane.

I need exercise, sunshine and nature even though usually those are the first to disappear from my routine.

I am a photographer. I'm not a portrait photographer and I don't do weddings but I make art with my pictures and that is good enough for me.

I am becoming a rock hound. The curiosity is there, aching to learn more. I want to venture into the vast desert and dig at the earth with a pick.

I like the magnetic energy in the air just before thunderstorms.

I am prone towards burnout with creative projects. Often I find myself obsessing over learning each and every detail, practicing until I feel knowledgeable and then moving on to something else.  I am trying to slow down and do less of this.


  1. Love this ... I share many of these traits, and simply adore that photograph of you. xox

  2. Sei una grande fotografa!
    have a wonderful weekend

  3. you just cracked me wide open with ... "I am a photographer. I'm not a portrait photographer and I don't do weddings but I make art with my pictures and that is good enough for me." I think when I closed the doors on my wedding and photography business, I stopped thinking of myself as a photographer. but I am and that is also good enough for me. i miss you like mad my friend and the more i get to know you, the more i love you. xo

  4. What a beautiful picture and such depth in these words.
    Oh that dance with spirituality - I remember being so afraid I was going to turn into the person I used to roll my eyes at. Instead life just keeps getting better, and I almost never roll my eyes at anyone anymore. ;)

  5. Beautiful, I am an introvert myself, you spoke words that are exactly how I feel. I have such a desire to connect to other like minded souls and find it very hard..
    I love photography and 95% of the time am taking photographs of things, moments but not people.. other then some of the wonderful people I love.

  6. I love it how you sparkle in that photo, Celina! Gorgeous.

  7. Estupenda la foto, de verdad.

    Saludos y buen domingo.

  8. i love your honesty, Celina! and i am so happy to have met you. i so get the creative burn out - in some ways i am the same exact way. i think it is brave that you are embracing this spiritual quest... and i am excited along with you :) xo

  9. oh celina, you have said the perfect words for me more than once! i hope we can cross paths sooner than later my friend and because you and I are both introverts we're just going to have to cross our fingers that somehow it will work :) so much love to you friend!


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