Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time Invested

Tea time

For today's Relish 11 Prompt.

The past year has been one of tremendous inner searching for me. Digging deep. Rooting out the good and the not so good. Letting go of things and people that no longer serve me. Opening up to new possibilities. Oh there has been a fair amount of travel this year. Some of it even solo as I ventured to and from glorious women's retreats. But the biggest investment of my time this year has been on myself. Piles of books read. Journals filled. Dreams voiced. Hands stained with paint. The truth is that it takes nothing but time to invest in yourself. There is always time for self care, self love and self reflection. There is always a choice to be made on where to invest that time. It may seem selfish to direct a chunk of that to myself this year, but what good am I to others if I cannot take care of me?


  1. I have started down this same path.....and SouLodge is really pushing this forward for me....and will continue into 2012....I can't wait to see what I unearth.

  2. Oh Celina i don't find this selfish at all
    I feel it is a must to be all that we can be
    there is something that said "we should just know"
    but this is not so
    we need to work the muscles of love, trust, patience, creativity, forgiveness, letting go...and so on
    all these things take attention and learning, they are not a given
    I am inspired that you have taken this journey for yourself and hope you continue to do make the world a better place

    Love and Light

    thank you for the b-day blessing : )


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