Monday, February 13, 2012

To my dearest Spring


Dearest Spring,

I sense your presence nearby. Deep in my soul there is a knowing that you will always return to me. You wait ever so patiently for the time to be right while I fidget and pace the dark confines of my wintery walls waiting for your return. My heart aches to feel the warmth of the sun and the soft breezes you bring. My skin longs for the freedom of short sleeved garments. My feet beg for the loving care of a pedicure and grass on my feet.

Winter isn't always kind to me. Sometimes it feels as if I cannot bear another day without you. This year wasn't so harsh though. I'm grateful I'm getting stronger and finding joy in even the darkest of days. Though Winter will never be my love the way you are sweet Spring.

The robins flocking outside are a reminder that another season is coming to pass. I hope that your return will be soon. I promise to welcome you like the missed lover you are. I will hold space for celebration this year to honor your return properly. You have been greatly missed and I will continue to count the days until your return.

Faithfully Yours,


  1. spoken beautifully. we wait and wait... although i am basking a bit in winter this year. i have seen the season (and my own cycles in it) in a new light, and now understand the importance of it.

    though, our winter down here has pretty much felt like summer :)
    hugs across the miles!

  2. oh Celina
    my heart soars when I read this
    so beautiful
    so honest
    so vulnerable
    I feel many of the same things...
    and yes I can feel spring just around the corner as well
    though I am patient as the lessons of Winter have been so deep, so important, i do not want to rush it away...
    you have made me smile today ; )

    love and light


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