Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings

5 Things I am grateful for this Monday morning:

  • That I have no obligations to be anywhere today. Sometimes a day (or two) wearing sweats really is balm for the soul.
  • For my new car and the lessons it taught about the difference between luxuries and necessities. 
  • For connection and how many times it has shown up for me this past year.
  • For art and all the ways it breaks me wide open. I'm learning that painting is the most vulnerable form of expression for me.
  • That our trip to Hawaii is just over a month away. I can hear the sounds of surf calling my name already. 


  1. lovely Celina
    absolutely beautiful thoughts of gratitude....
    especially the connections
    they are such a life line... a breathe of fresh air
    happy Monday Lovely

    love and light

  2. A day without obligations really does wonders, doesn't it? I've got this week off and will be home puttering and putting my apartment back together after a "refresher". Enjoy Hawaii! I've only been once, for a friend's wedding five years ago, but it was beautiful and a lovely place to wander and explore!

  3. sounds like you are having a great start into the week. and Hawaii...

    happy monday!!!

  4. Aloha!! (soon and yay) what island? amazing how a thing like a car can be a lesson. hmmmmm.... xo


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