Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sketchbook is Complete!

Page 8

The collaborative sketchbook Jojo and I worked on this winter is finished! It was quite the last minute task getting things sent back and forth from me here in Idaho to Jojo in California. Plus there may have been a teeny bit of stress involved in reassembling the book we took apart. But it's finished and will now be a part of a permanent exhibit at the Art House Coop. Jojo has put together a lovely set of our pages married together. They look pretty amazing side by side if I do say so myself. To see the sketchbook in its entirety click on over to her Flickr site.

If you would like to see the book in person it will be on tour starting next month. Check the Art House site for details. Also, I highly recommend checking into what other creative projects they are currently offering. Their 10x10 series features a new free project every week.


  1. congratulations!!!
    so exciting Celina...

    popping your print in the mail today!

    love and light

  2. Love it. The two of you did suce a super job mirroring the ideas. Two thumbs up and OXOXOX to both of you. It is inspiring and I hope the day will come when my inner artistic talents will bloom like yurs have. LOVE MOM

  3. this spread (uncle wiggly) is actually my favorite spread! :)

  4. Celina,

    What a beautiful project. I checked out the flickr site and your images go so well together.


  5. I checked it out and what a great creative project. The two of you work well together. I loved it.
    Love MOMN :)


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