Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To experience the wonder of great mysteries


One of the things I most wanted to experience when going to Kauai was to see the Hindu Monastery. Mostly I to see the very large crystal that inhabits the temple. I am a rock hound after all! Ken and I found we were a little ill-prepared and under-dressed on our arrival as I will never claim to be well versed in Hinduism. Thankfully a kindly elder took care to see us properly fit to enter the temple. I had absolutely no idea we would be able to participate in the puja. But we were welcomed and gently instructed on what to do.

The pools at the Hindu Monastery

The temple is a fire temple thought to break up old patterns and help seekers begin anew. It was an incredible experience. One I am still searching for words to describe. I was so awestruck that I struggled to stay in the moment during meditation. I literally kept saying to myself: "This is amazing!" As we re-entered the grounds after the ritual I realized it had started pouring rain while we were inside. I thought it to be a fitting way to start anew.

Hindu Monastery

I walked away with a new appreciation for all the mysteries of life and was so incredibly happy I got to experience this in my lifetime. The bindi on my forehead? To those of Hindu faith it represents the third eye of spiritual insight. Something this past year has been a huge focus on for me.



  1. gorgeous gorgeous! what an amazing experience! i love the bindi on your perfectly peaceful gaze! xo

  2. Beautiful! It reminded me of an experience I had at a water temple in Bali a few years ago that I wanted to share with you:

    1. Thank you for sharing that, it sounded absolutely incredible. Love the kindness of strangers.


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