Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A love affair with film

px70 test opac balloons

I've been sitting on some pretty exciting news. News of the IMPOSSIBLE kind! I cannot tell you how smitten I am with this company and so appreciative of the spark they have reignited in the instant film world.

Earlier this year I learned that two Polaroid shots of mine were selected to be included in a deck of postcards set to be released sometime next summer. I was so completely tickled and happy about it that I forgot to mention it here! This is by far the most tangible thing I have ever been a part of photography wise and I will be completely ecstatic to see it on the shelves next year. The shots chosen have not been shared here on the blog or on Flickr and I have decided to keep it that way. Sort of adds to the big reveal for me when they are published next year.

The next part of my wonderful news is that my Twister shot (below) was chosen to be a part of the next exhibit in the Impossible NYC space starting later this month! It was such a huge honor to be chosen and I feel completely blown away to be featured along side all the talented and amazing artists included in the show. I am hoping that the Universe finds a way to get me to New York by next year so I can see it up in person. The icing on the cake is that my fellow Tribe sister, Meghan, will also be exhibiting at the show. How amazing is it that we get to experience this together?

px70 test opac twister
Lastly, have you seen their newest project up on Kickstarter? Yet one more thing I will be anxiously awaiting next year!


  1. So thrilled for you and Meghan == but more thrilled for the rest of us who get to see your amazing work as it should be displayed -- PROMINENTLY IN NYC!!

  2. Awesome! Big congrats to you Celina, you deserve it!

  3. so truly excited for you!! I'm in on the universe wishing we both get there to see it :) Love you! xox

  4. so exciting, celina! congratulations!!!

  5. congratulations Celina! Your polaroids are so beautiful!!!

  6. I am so happy for you, for me, for the both of us. Such an amazing experience we get to share. Love!

  7. I said it on Meghan's site, but congrats to you both! Just wonderful news, and so deserving. xo

  8. this is so amazing
    congratulations Celine!

    love and light


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