Sunday, December 26, 2010

Handmade Holiday

I can finally reveal a few of the things I had been working on for gifts this year.


The first is a metal wall calendar I did for my mom. I added on the embellishments, the quote and the custom made magnets. The second was a broach for my step-mom. The metal piece was made then attached to a flower with a pin on the back. The last is a zodiac necklace I did for my mom. I knew I wanted to incorporate her sign so I found some custom zodiac images on Etsy that I was able to print and set in resin.

I hope they were all well received and everyone enjoyed them! It really is fun making things from the heart!


  1. I think I am the luckest Mom in the world to have such a special and talented daughter. I LOVEEEEEEE my neckless and the callender is now hanging on the wall where I can see it everyday. You are my sunshine in the fog. Love Mom

  2. Celina these are fantastic! You are so talented my friend :) Thank you for sharing all of your gifts with us.

  3. These are beautiful! And so much more personal since you created them yourself - I bet they loved their gifts!

  4. i love the metal wall calendar!! i want one!!!.... do you sale them?


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