Sunday, December 5, 2010

On being Creative

This past year has been a lot of things for me but mostly one thing: Exploration. Through that self exploration I have learned how much of my life is driven by creativity. Ever since I can remember I have loved to create. Both of my parents have helped to foster the creativity in me. I remember my Mom always crafting things for people during the holiday season growing up. I remember my Dad helping me deck out a wooden doll house with real wall paper and carpet. In High School I was involved in the year book, photography, darkroom and art classes. I had no idea then how much those things would grow to become part of my life today.

Though others have always encouraged my creative lifestyle it is only now that I am truly realizing how much I need to create to be happy. What I don't seem to be doing is focusing on one creative medium. I have dabbled in many things from paper making to now jewelry making. I love trying it all. I am finding it doesn't really matter so much what I am doing as long as I have a creative outlet. I think I need to allow myself to to take a crooked creative path and explore as much as I can because learning and trying new things are also something that truly helps my soul flourish. Hence the reason this blog was born. This is my record of my journey and I am so thankful that you are all here to share your stories with me as well!

On another note: I apologize for the drought in blog posts as of late. I have been sick, again. This time being the third time in a little over a month. The last two illnesses were literally back to back. I figured my body was trying to tell me something when I got sick the first time and thought I was listening by slowing down. I guess maybe I didn't listen hard enough.



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  2. Sorry to hear you are sick Celina, I hope you are feeling better. I am enjoying all of your creative outlets. It inspires me to try more. Every creative type I know says they have to work on their craft or they start to feel antsy and even depressed so I know the need to create is very real. Thank you for sharing your creations with all of us!

  3. Hi Celina, as someone who only recently started thinking of myself as (maybe) creative, I love hearing how you're persuing creative endeavours to nourish your soul. I also love your photographic style.

  4. Hi Celina
    Loving your blog and thoughts on creativity...I share your feelings on how creativity is such a powerful reason for being. I hope you are feeling better now. I have also had a drought on my blog and need to post. It happens..maybe sometimes there is a reason and it's an opportunity to rethink direction and move to a new creative phase. That's what I'm hoping. All best wishes, Terri


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