Monday, January 31, 2011

Blank Slate Update

A quick update on the Blank Slate Project for you guys! The journal is moving right along. It will be making its way to the next host tomorrow. Already it has traveled to New Mexico, Oregon and of course to me here in Idaho. There are now 17 people on the list signed up to host the journal. Some are even from outside the USA. I am thrilled so many of you wanted to be a part of this project. If you want to see the images from the journal so far then hop on over and join the Flickr group called: The Blank Slate Project. I also want to express my deepest gratitude for everyone sending it back within such a timely manor. I think the journal could very well be filled way before 2012.


  1. This is just so awesome Celina!! Thank you for the updates

  2. Thanks, Muffin, for allowing me to express myself and to be part of such a great project. Love, Mom


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