Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There and back

We are home after a quick trip to visit my husband in Salt Lake. He travels quite frequently for work so we try to squeeze in trips to visit so he doesn't always have to be the one to fly back. Plus I needed to get my IKEA fix. One can never really get enough of IKEA. I took very few photos with my Nikon. Mostly I just snapped happily away with the iPhone. I am still enthralled with the Instagram app. That and my lens started giving me trouble which in turn caused my Nikon to not function at all.

I love to travel but it occurred to me this weekend that I love to travel more when A. we drive somewhere new and not fly and B. we book a suite where our daughter is in another room all together. Me and lack of sleep do not go well together. Period. My heart sunk earlier last week when I realized I had booked PM flights out instead of AM. My husband was supposed to work on Monday and we would be stuck without a car. After weighing options we decided to stick it out and keep the late flight. I didn't feel like chancing it to wait at the airport on standby. We got home at 12:30AM this morning. I didn't feel like the worst parent in the world dragging my 6 year old on a late flight after seeing so many other red-eyed children wearily following behind their parents at the airport. It was a school night but not the end of the world. I sometimes forget how resilient my daughter really is. She marched off to school today like the trooper she is.
The highlights, bullet style:

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