Friday, May 13, 2011

I Remember

My friend Lindsey at A Design So Vast along with several other amazing bloggers are inviting others to share their memories. Take a moment to visit her site and find out the process then share. Would love to hear what you dig up.

I remember the taste of fresh cows milk and skimming the cream off the top.

I remember the glow of the red light in the dark room and the hours spent there.

I remember skinny dipping in the Snake River on warm summer nights (and sometimes days too).

I remember first learning to sketch from models in the magazine advertisements.

I remember the first time I felt my child nudge my stomach inside of me.

I remember the emptiness of my High School halls.

I remember a story told by my aunt about how cactus move and dance at night then freeze when first light comes.

I remember my high school sweethearts white pickup truck and the sound it made pulling up to my house.

I remember my grandpa's house on the lake and trees surrounding the cove.

I remember how unseasonably hot it was on my wedding day and sweating profusely under my gown for photos.

I remember sleeping out on our trampoline at night with sleeping bags and watching the stars above.


  1. Love these memories!! Definitely the early times I felt a baby move inside me is a powerful memory I'll never forget. xoxo

  2. Who can forget the feeling of a baby moving? This will be my last pregnancy (number 5), so I want to treasure that feeling.

  3. Oh the memories of sleeping on the trampoline. My siblings and I had a riot doing that on warm summer nights.

    Like you and Christine, my high school sweetheart also had a white pickup truck--now he's my husband. Ha!

    Naturally, the baby's first movements are always so special. The first time you realize they really are living and thriving inside you.

  4. Oh, your memory of sleeping out on the trampoline has just not solidified that I shall allow my boys to do that this summer. We usually pop the tent up in the backyard for the entire summer, but there is nothing like sleeping under an open skies, the trees dangling down between you and the stars.

    I love your memories. Wasn't this fun? :)

  5. So glad you joined in! I loved your memory about the stories your aunt told about the dancing cacti. And the first flutter of the baby's kick...magic.

  6. what beautiful vignettes, celina! and how transporting ~ i especially love the trampoline memory - totally reminded me of the film Away We Go. beautiful! have a lovely lovely weekend!


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