Monday, May 16, 2011

Self Care vs Self Restoration

I was considering the difference between self care and self restoration today. I was wondering what part they play in relation to the other and which must come first. Or if there is really a difference at all.

Self Care:
The need to do something good for ourselves.
Expressing love and kindness towards ourselves.
Pampering our external selves.
Taking a brain break to read or enjoy nature.
Daily meditation and or exercise.

Self Restoration:
Allowing ourselves time to heal from internal and external wounds.
Allowing others to help us heal.
Getting adequate rest.
Nourishing our bodies with healthy food.
Being present with our emotions and expressing them honestly.

Does one need to focus on self restoration before self care? That was what I was musing on today.

The past several weeks I have been feeling the need to get a pedicure. To pamper myself. But when the time comes to make the appointment I don't. I would rather curl up and just rest. What is it about self care that meets us with such resistance at times? I have been feeling unwell for what seems like eternity and have been unable to get a solid answer on what my body is going though. I can only say what it feels like. It feels like I am awfully stuck in self restoration mode.

I have no reason for my thoughts other than I am feeling a bit stuck lately. Maybe it is Spring and her very slow start or maybe its the lack of protein I am getting going through this detox. Either way the pull to the couch with a blanket and good book has been too tempting of a treat lately. I have no doubt I will plow through this phase but for now I am sitting with it and trying to figure out what my needs are in this moment.

PS. Last week Blogger went down for a day and some of my recent comments with it. I apologize if yours are missing. I promise I read and treasure every thought.


  1. I am trying to figure out mine, too. One thing I know: coming here makes me feel like I'm taking a deep breath, so I'm pretty sure that should remain part of the program. xox

  2. i had an aggrevating afternoon and all i knew is when i returned home i had to take a long hot bath. lately that has been my "go to" self care. and afterwards i dumped the peanut brittle (which was in the freezer) in the trash, because i knew i could not trust myself with the choice. and now i see that that is part of my restorative care :) ... i think "tucking in" by grabbing a book and blanket is definitely may be a more valuable moment than a pedi ... anyway, your pedicure seems to holding up :) sending you healing wishes during this restorative time. xo

  3. I had not quite thought about self-care and self-restoration as distinct concepts until you highlighted the subtle differences. Enjoy the couch, the good book, and the "sitting with the questions" and thank you for inspiring some self-care, self-restoration and - why not- self-love.


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