Monday, October 10, 2011

Pure Magic

Standing in my path

I've just returned home from my third retreat this year. Flying home yesterday I felt that familiar feeling of coming away from something incredible. Create Magic hosted by Liz Lamoreux was pure, sweet magic. At every retreat I have attended this year I found myself cracking open just a little more. This time the crack was large. I came home feeling so full of joy and love. There were moments (after the tears) where I would hear myself laughing and think: "wow, I'm really laughing out loud!" Those of you who have been with me awhile know this is my word for the year and I truly feel like I got there this week.

Sacred Altar

I find myself easing up just a little more every time I step out into a group and say: "YES!" It is taking these chances on vulnerability and new situations that really pushes me forward to the connection I have been seeking for so long.

Where the Magic happens

Thank you to Vivienne McMaster for helping me let go of the expectations from my camera and photos for just a bit and play. Thank you Mindy Lacefield for rekindling my love of painting through your genuine encouragement. Deep, deep down I so want to be that girl who paints and maybe someday I will. Thank you Kelly Barton for keeping us all nourished and taken care of. I wish I could take you home with me! Thank you Liz Lamoreux for creating such a sacred, safe place for connection and community. I will never tire of listening to your voice gently guiding us along. Finally, thank you to all the beautiful ladies who opened your hearts to me and shared your stories. All of you made this retreat magic!

More photos coming soon!


  1. So glad it was a great retreat. And I just had to share...I want to be a girl who paints, too. xoxo

  2. me three on the girl who paints...

  3. thank you for these beautiful words and images. i am trying to articulate the shifts in myself as well. having someone familiar there on this journey made it that much more special to me. and i loved hearing your laughter!! xo

  4. you know I long to be a girl who paints too. I love that you girls had such an amazing time. xoxo

  5. I am SO happy to have met you and shared such an incredible experience. Sending you love dear girl and I'm looking forward to watching you continue to unfold and become. Keep on shining. xox

  6. the . very . best.
    ps. you can come stay with me any day!

  7. this all makes me so happy ~ what a gift to yourself and to the others who were there with you. can't wait to see more photos :)


  8. this is so rich. pure. and from the heart. i love to hear laughter and it couldn't get much better than that. love you! (keep up the painting!!)


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