Thursday, October 13, 2011

There is a moment

The Girl

There is a moment
when the girl who has it all held together lets go.

There is a time
when she forgets the restrictions of how she is supposed to act and what she is supposed to say.

There is a feeling
of freedom as she smiles and soaks in the melodious sound of joy around her.

There is a realization
of the laughter that comes rushing out after being locked away in its secret place.

There is a glow
that appears in her eyes when the deepest part of her is summoned outward.

There is a blissful calm
that reverberates deep in her soul as she lets it all be so.

This is the moment
when the girl who has it all held together lets go.

Words inspired by prompts from Liz. Polaroid from Vivienne's class at Create Magic. Dedicated to all of you who were there to share in the magic and those of us who want to let go.


  1. Beautiful. Just so beautiful. xoxo

  2. it was all so good. each soul plucking and gathering just what each needed most.

    your shine warms my life.

  3. Amazing, Cel. Just gorgeous. And I LOVE the double exposure. xoxo

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  5. And what a moment it is...
    life giving
    and pure

    the journey of letting go...broken and beautiful

    love and light

  6. this visual along with your words makes it even more powerful! you are so strong, so brave. xoxo!

  7. oh celina! you are so beautifully cracking open. and i am so honored to i be reading/hearing these words again. i see your glow!! xo

  8. These words are so beautiful. Stand tall in your bright light dear friend. I love you so much. xo

  9. Beautiful words about such a beautiful event.

  10. Oh Celina, your beautiful, strong, amazing soul comes shining through and moves me so. Much love being sent your way. xoxo


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