Thursday, January 10, 2013

I heart instant

i heart instant

I'm having an affair. With my camera. My musky smelling old SX-70 and I have been getting along quite well these past few days. I'm excited about photography once again and am happily riding this creative wave out.


  1. The second photo is so cool!

  2. awesome photos Celina!!! My polaroids have been hibernating in this cold weather. I've been busy learning the dslr and all the technical language with aperture, shutter speed, etc. etc. Phew!! That is quite a job...I think I'm missing the polaroids a bit :)....

  3. Oh yes, the joys of instant photography...

    Do you have the Retro Camera app on your phone? You can take pretty decent digital Polaroids with that. Sadly, they come out fairly low-res, but that's OK for snapshots...


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