Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know have a terrible habit of switching blogs or deleting them all together? I did the same things with journals growing up. I don't own a single one. They were all torn up and disposed of. In fact the only journal I currently have is the one I started last Fall. I made a promise to myself not to do that anymore. I now feel that small pieces of your past can be kept and stored away if only to remind you how far you have come. I've never been much a saver until recently when I started to appreciate the value of heritage and family treasures.

Something you also may not know is that two years ago I finished up a very challenging Project 365. I blogged it all. Every single day. I took a new photo I started it with a curiosity to learn photography better.  By the end I definitely succeeded in sharpening my skills. Although, the task and discipline of taking a photo every day is not something I ever want to do to myself again. I put too much creative emphasis into most of the photos and ended up getting burnt out in the end. It felt forced and not nearly as fun. But I made it through and now I have a beautiful time capsule of daily photos for one whole year of my life.

So here is my former Project 365 site and all my photos. I hope you enjoy the journey! It was quite a ride!


  1. As you know I am coming to the end of my 365 and it isn't something I want to do again either lol. Like you it just started to feel forced. On the other hand, I have every journal I have ever kept since I was very small. I wish I was a little more like you and could let go of things because I run out of room for all my "stuff" but then I go through all that old stuff and I am so happy I kept it :)

  2. I spent some time browsing your Project 365 shots and I am enamored with the idea and the photographs you produced. Now I am seriously considering doing it myself next year.

    Thank you for this infusion of beauty today!

  3. No! I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. Heading over there now to check out your photos! xoxo

  4. FINALLY! Someone tells the truth about the ordeal of doing a 365 project. I'm glad that you were honest in telling us how "painful" it got to be. I wish I had near the discipline you had just to do a Project52. :-)

    But... without a doubt it sure was worth it!

  5. Well, crud... I fired off my comment with the wrong email and my avatar didn't appear. I guess this'll make up for it. ;-)

  6. Cel - your photos are fantastic!! I've thought about doing a 365 project, but always shy away from the commitment. The ones of your kitten reminded me alot of my Tucker (and Tika resembles my older kitty :) ).

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I took a look at these, they look awesome! Great job :)


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