Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coastal Reflections

I'm still trying to process all the beauty that surrounded me in Manzanita. Grasping at the special moments that made it all so surreal. Our Tribe was born from the primal need we all had for connection and creativity. It was made possible by the dream of one woman with a concept sprouted from another group of inspirational souls.

I'm relishing the photos and the words shared on blogs. I'm reliving it all day by day and trying to hold onto that sense of peace that I felt along the coast. I'm watching new friendships blossom and connections take a deeper hold. I'm cherishing it all.

If ever there was a need for more of these type of connections I would say that time is now.


  1. I can't believe we have been back over a week. It still feels so close. I will be going through my day - my crazy day filled with deadlines and duties -- and I will pause and think of the faces and voices of The Tribe. And I will breathe and smile. I am just so very grateful to have you all in my life. I wonder what filled that space before?

  2. i find myself lotting out my window and seeing the vast possibility of all of you against the raised sky of connection. "if ever there was a need for more of these types of connections i would say that time is now" absolutely yes.

  3. Celina, those two pictures are beautiful and create a feeling of such peace.

    Even as an outsider, it's been nice to read about all of your experiences and the connections you furthered on your trip. It's so nice to read about people coming together and encouraging one another.

    It's all lovely. :)

  4. "Primal need." Yes. I'm trying to remember and hold onto it all, too. So grateful for you. xoxo


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