Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reliving Manzanita

The Tribe 2011 from The Long Haul Project on Vimeo

Melissa, fellow Tribe member and 1/2 of Long Haul Films, created a gorgeous video from our time in Manzanita. My only regret was that her beautiful face was missing from the footage. Next time I will remedy that. I got so much joy from seeing this and hope you do too!


  1. It's sublime. Had the *same* thought about missing Melissa's beautiful face in all these moments. xo

  2. How cute are all of you with your hula hoops and smiles! What an awesome video. It definitely captures the fun you had. I loved the dancing bits!

  3. Loving those hula hoops, and love your hat. Looks like a great time - I wanna go!!!

  4. lovely lovely faces :)
    so super uber dreamy!


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