Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Million Little Pictures


Last Spring, armed only with a disposable camera I set out to capture a full roll of photos centered around the theme: Simplicity. The project was hosted by the Art House Coop (who is also the brains behind the Sketchbook Project I am currently working on). Signing up for the project I picked the theme simplicity with the grand idea it would be a breeze to find subjects to shoot. In actuality, attempting to portray a feeling of simplicity through a disposable camera was quite a challenge. Not every single photo turned out stellar but I was able to submit 20 photos to the project.

Photo complements of Jojo Blondal
The photo tour began this Fall in the back of a small tractor trailer traveling around the United States. I was not able to visit the photos but my trooper of a friend, Jojo, visited for me when they made their last stop in Los Angeles this past weekend. I was so happy to see 2 of my shots pinned up on the wall, knowing that they made the journey for others to enjoy too.

You can find the entire set of the photos I submitted here. I really hope they do this project again next year and it continues to grow in publicity and participation. Such a simple concept yet a great opportunity for artistic expression.


  1. great pics. and I love the idea of a travelling photo tour.

  2. I love this, Celina! Just beautiful. I am rereading Anthony Doerr's memoir "Four Seasons in Rome," and I think you might like it. It made me think of you because he lives in Boise, and lived in Rome for a year with his wife and two infant twin boys. It's just a beautiful book that I think you would resonate with. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  3. so happy i was able to be see them on their travels to LA and that you were able to participate, TOO! xo

  4. Fantastic, and you can always count on lovely Jojo to deliver! ; )


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