Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

This week I have been plugging along on a project that has been in progress for awhile now. I'm trying to let go of the pressure I tend to put on myself to make it "perfect" and let it unfold how it will. I am collaborating with the wildly talented Jojo Blondel to complete this book for the 2012 Art House Sketchbook project. Our deadline is fast approaching.

Our theme is "Time Travel" so we opted to go for a fun nostalgic route. I took many field trips to thrift shops to pick through the piles of unwanted games, books and magazines to find vintage pieces for our project and Jojo did the same. We each have matching pieces of ephemera so we now are working on incorporating them into pages separately. Even though our pages have a similar element I am sure they are going to look vastly different in design. This is the part I am letting go of. Trying not to worry about how much of an amazing designer and artist Jojo is and let my messy collage-y style come out.

I'm hoping to be finished with my pages by next month so that Jojo and I can assemble our book and send it off to Art House in plenty of time to be a part of next years exhibit. I can't wait to share the completed book with you all. I'm sure there will be some celebrating going on. Until then I will keep playing and practicing letting go.


  1. Sounds like such a cool project. Can't wait to see it unfold.

  2. Ohhhhhh! LOVE your collage-y-self!! I am trying to not look at the second one too long... (well you know cuz i have not done that spread yet). cant wait to marry these pages!! wheeeeee!!! :) xo

  3. so exciting!
    it is hard not to compare ourselves to others, but as an artist your talent is unique to you and reflects that uniqueness...that is what makes it so beautiful!

    love an light

  4. How fun to be working on such a project with a heART sister. I'm so excited for you both as you collaborate together to create beautiful magic. xox


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