Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop News


New in my Etsy shop is this Typewriter print. I've been acquiring quite a few new "old" typewriters lately but this one happens to be my dad's for now. Attempting to bargain with him because I am in love with this color of blue!

All prints in my shop are now reduced in price. In addition I am offering FREE SHIPPING within the US for the holidays. Use the code: Santababy when you are checking out to apply the discount. I will personally be supporting Etsy artisans this year for a good chunk of my Holiday shopping. I hope you consider supporting your local and handmade artisans this year as well!


  1. Gorgeous photo. I think that is the same typewriter model that I took a photo of in NYC! Is it? I would pay your Dad ALOT of $$$$ for that typewriter...*sigh*

  2. oh i would be vying for it too! with those white keys -- mmh mmh mmh!


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