Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When women gather...

Medicine Wheel

Magic Happens
Love Happens
Understanding Happens
Stories Happen
Friendship Happens

I am finishing out my second session of Pixie Campbell's Soulodge virtual gathering and I'm really not sure at what point I will stop participating in these. There is that much goodness here. Truly. I want to leave the mystery of what happens in lodge there but do want to encourage you if you are least bit curious to click on over and learn more about the Winter session. I will be there participating once again, quietly holding space for others, learning to create my own wild woman medicine and diving deep into the intricate parts of what make me, "me."

Also next month I hope you will join me along with other women across the globe (and hopefully some men too) in The Mother of All Releasings Ceremonies. This will be my first year actively celebrating and embracing the wonder of Winter Solstice and I cannot think of a better way to honor that time then with a special ceremony in my backyard over a blazing fire. When I think about how many others will be participating in their own backyards on this night as well it sprinkles that much more mystery and enchantment into the event.

This year has been one big huge spiritual leap for me and I plan on continuing to walk this path, wherever it leads. I hope to greet you along with way with a bow and a smile as we cross paths on our own journies.



  1. yes. when women gather. the global celebrations sound beautiful. it is a wondrous day of the year. birth and rebirth. thank you for sharing this. i've registered.

  2. SouLodge is a beautiful place my dear sister! I am signed up for all four sessions next year....I just can't imagine my life without SouLodge now....

  3. It is amazing when women gather...something so magical, something so beyond us happens...magic
    I have not yet joined in on the SouLodge as I have had already laid commitments this season. BUT I will be taking part in the Mother of All Releasings AND I plan to enter the SouLodge next year
    I will look for you there sister
    until then
    I extend my sister love and light to you...
    I bow
    I smile

    Love and Light

    If ever there comes a time
    when the women of the world come together
    purely and simply for the benefit of
    it will be a force such as the world has
    never known
    ~Matthew Arnold

  4. oh so true, your list of what really HAPPENS when women gather. I look forward to viewing December with you.

  5. I'm really looking forward to the solstice this year - it seems like a really good combination of everything that i love about this year. and the ritual that pixie has offered is perfect.


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