Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its been a week

First Sketch Week One
My very humble first sketch for Open Studio Workshop

My how time flies when we get caught up in our own drama. In just 6 shorts days I have received my Reiki II attunement, attended a wonderful sweat lodge, got violently ill with the stomach flu, found out our credit card had been used fraudulently, started a very intensive yet brilliant art class by Misty Mawn, oh and was summoned for jury duty.

When I put it all down like that in word vomit format it sounds pretty intense. It is and it isn't. It only is intense as I allow it to be. I'm coming back to myself A LOT lately. Re-grounding. Releasing as I need to and trying my very best not to take any of the s**t that has been flung at me personally. I'm also taking some time to create which fills me back up so very much.

Sending you all woo-woo loving vibes from this end of the world.

Namaste ~


  1. Wow! What a week! Wonderful that you have your art to turn to and fill back up....Art Heals.

  2. yes, you've been around the world and back!... so to speak. this is awesome that you are getting out there with so many creative mediums. and so happy to hear the update on all of it! namaste! xo


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