Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Word

For 2011 I chose the word: Laughter. It helped me to focus on opening up. Sharing bits of myself and being vulnerable enough to feel again. It was a glorious year full of rapid changes. Yes laughter was there too. In wondrous spurts of joy I found my way to it through new friendships, retreats and being kinder to myself.

In working on choosing a word for this year I had a difficult time narrowing it down. I wanted multiple words. I wanted something that would encompass all that I am intending for this big year. I needed a big word. The word that kept nudging me was Voice. It is an umbrella of a word, covering many of the ascpects I want to focus on for 2011.

Inner Voice ~ I intend to start trusting my intuition more and listening deep within my soul for the answers. I will stop beating back my inner Wild Woman and allow her to flourish.

Outer Voice ~ I intend to express myself clearly when interacting with others and communicate my needs to the best of my ability. I will ask others what they need instead of trying to guess.

Expression ~ I intend to be courageous enough to speak my truth. I will speak up for myself and express my fears, joy and sorrow. To be open is to be alive.

Passion ~ I intend to continue to seek out all of my passions and live them fully. I will honor all artistic expressions and needs that rise within me. I will find my artistic voice without feeling the pressure to box myself into a particular medium.

Wheew! So that sounds like a lot I know but really it's fitting for the year to come. So much of my soul work and journey is only just beginning. Finding my voice will guide me right where I need to be.

What is your word?


  1. voice is a good, strong word. happy new year. xo

  2. Beautiful Choice, and beautiful intentions! My word for 2012 is Light, it captures several things:
    -Seek my inner light and shine it bright (didn't mean to rhyme that!)
    -See the light in others
    -Be lighter in my body
    -Lighter in the physical clutter
    -Ligther in my soul in mind in the ways where stress and fear come in.. those are some of the ways that I see light as being my guiding word for this year!
    I hope you have a beautifully blessed 2012 and beyond, may all of these things come true for you!

  3. "To be open is to be alive."
    that is gold!

    that is the word for me

    : )
    should be fun

    Love and Light

  4. I love your word and all of your intentions. Here's to a fabulous 2012. xoxo

  5. That's a great word! After much internal debate, my word is Decide. As in decide what is worthy of me/my time, and then act on it.

  6. My words (yes I picked two) are Release and Truth....both of which came to me through my work with SouLodge.


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