Sunday, January 29, 2012

A little bit of shop news

Internally I'm screaming: Finally! I finally got to creating some more jewelry for the shop. I had been feeling very blocked in that medium and I'm happy to say that this past week has been quite the opposite.

I added four new gemstone necklaces this weekend and all will come infused with Reiki. This is something I was feeling a very strong pull to do and since I feel so strongly about the power of crystals I wanted to further add to the healing they provide. Later on this week I will be adding some additional new pendants featuring my photography. I hope you will hop on over and see what is new. 


  1. beautiful Celina...going over for a look right now

    love and light

  2. These are beautiful! Decisions....decisions.....

  3. Perfect Celina, what wounderful work.
    Love MOM


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