Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The little things....

This morning I started my day differently. I followed a intuitive nudge to take a bath instead of a shower. I gifted myself with the time to light a candle and put a favorite mix playing on my iPod. I slowed down and sunk into the water. I took time to notice the steam rising from my legs. I can honestly say it was a very blissful way to start my day. Not one that I often take the time to do.

I'm feeling behind in the blogging world. Trying my best to balance life between social interaction, creating art, doing some deep soul work and being a mom. Something caught my attention today that I could not pass up participating in. Two blogging lovelies, Lindsey and Amy, have inspired me to share a few little things that make up who I am. I love learning the small wonders that make up a personality. I hope you are inspired to share too!
  • I don't drink coffee and don't like it in the least bit. I'm slightly embarrassed that I don't even know how to make coffee properly when I have guests over.
  • I once attended a New Kids on the Block concert and collected the confetti that flew off stage like the total fan girl that I was. 
  • I don't like wine. At. All. To this day I have yet to drink a sip that I could tolerate. What my friends consider sweet is still much to bitter for me. 
  • I never made it to college. It is one of the biggest shame hurdles I deal with all the time. Not feeling good enough or smart enough is a nasty shadow that I would very much like to cast aside. 
  • I am a Cancer through and through. I love comfort and being quiet in my home. I will retreat in my shell if threatened in anyway. I dislike confrontation immensely. 
  • I make a killer martini and never measure ingredients. 
  • I carry stone friends with me pretty much wherever I go now. I believe in the power of crystals and minerals. If I don't have a pocket I will hold them in my bra.  
  • My entire household consists of Monkeys. My husband, daughter and I were all born in the year of the Monkey. 
  • I'm a ridiculously fast reader and will burn through fiction books like there is no tomorrow. I love getting lost in fantasy novels. 
  • I won't sleep without white nose. A box fan buzzing loudly is the ultimate comfort for me. 
  • I dream vividly, in full vibrant color and often. I can't sleep on the nights of the full moon and new moon. It has taken me a long time to figure out this pattern to my insomnia. 
  • My altar space holds a Buddha, a wooden fox, a sand dollar, copal resin incense, a painted rock, a purple candle and many MANY crystals. 
  • I am a complete video game nerd. I played World of Warcraft for 5 years and am waiting anxiously for a new MMO to come along that will grab me again. 
Small and somewhat insignificant things alone but together they form who I am. What are your little things? 


  1. What a beautiful beautiful post!
    I love that you carry crystals wherever you go! What are your favorites? I used to carry clear quartz and blue lace agate with me but stopped without even really realizing. You have inspired me to start again. :)

    1. Oh I would say I love them all. I pick ones depending on the day a different stone will call to me. Today I have tourmalated quartz hanging at my heart and an Apache tear and amethyst in my pocket. :)

  2. I'm a monkey too! And so is my fiance. :) I also dream vividly. Very! And You already know I'm a fellow stone lover. But I do so love coffee (and wine). Tea is great too. Really, hot drinks in general are what I love.... I haven't carried any of my crystals with me for a long time but, like Michele, you've managed to remind and inspire me. I also read tarot. Love feathers. And adore picnics :).

    Thanks for sharing Celina and for opening a space to share back! ~xo

    1. I love how much we have in common! I have become quite a tarot collector lately.

  3. Oh, I love this! Ditto on the white noise ... and I think we'll be a great team since I love coffee and wine, and we'll never fight over them!! :) xoxo

    1. Thanks Lindsey for the inspiration to share. Maybe we should be roomies in June with our fans!

  4. Oh I loved reading this!
    a wonderful way to get to know you better
    too bad about the wine, but hey I would take a martini!

    I am a stone collector
    alway pocketing and throwing back....
    I love my stones

    Love and Light

  5. i'm a dragon, and a virgo and so shy although it can come across as stand-offish. i carry bits of sea glass that i've found, a pendant from my sister that she earned at burning man and sometimes i carry a stone, usually citrone.

    i love coffee and tea, wine and drinks with vodka, and i like white noise. i have to read before bed and love my tiny book light because it saves me when i'm up past my husband, or have a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night.

    i'm a voracious reader, historical fiction my weakness, especially WWII era settings.

  6. I love this post....starting your day with a bath....love it. I don't like coffee or wine either. I never went to college either and deal with a bit of shame with it too. I am a Libra...but it sounds like I should be a Cancer...that completely describes me. I like it to be dark when I sleep....but I can definitely nap during the day! I used to dream every night and vividly....but after I started my new meds a few years ago....I don't remember them very often. This was fun!

  7. and it is the little things that are always fun and interesting to learn about! one of these days i'll take you up on one of those martinis :) i'm a sheep and a scorpio, and so so so truly both -- and, with scorpio nature, that is both bad and good, i guess. and you have inspired me to track my whenever i get insomnia (in relation to the moon). i am a heavy sleeper with wild epic dreams that go on forever. as far as books go, i'm nonfiction fan of adventure and survival. as long as there are no dogs barking, i can sleep just about anywhere :)


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