Thursday, December 20, 2012

Body Map

Through the clouds I see the light

Today's Relish12 prompt is from the lovely Liz Lamoreux. Someone I adore a whole heck of a lot. She writes: What does your body hold from 2012? Where did your feet walk? What did your hands hold? What did you tuck gently into your heart?

These hands, they held a child. Struggling, aware, insecure. They tapped along the keyboard sharing fears and stories and well wishes. The beat furiously on a drum. Boom...boom...boom.

These legs, they ran naked on a beach. Joyously in celebration of women-hood. They walked alone and not alone. One step then another, then another.

These eyes, they wept tears. Sometimes of joy, of sorrow, of laughter. The watched others walk their own crooked paths. They drank in the sites of new cities and destinations.

This body, it changed. Growing, shrinking, healing. It gave up foods that no longer felt good. It became more aware than ever of our interconnected lives. It felt love.


  1. beautiful Celine...
    you are beautiful♥

    love and light

  2. So lovely Celina :)....I hope your holidays are bright and happy.

  3. You are gorgeous, and your body has carried you on such an amazing journey this year. I can't wait to see what comes to you next. :)


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