Saturday, December 29, 2012

Seeing myself differently


For today's Relish12 prompt: Where this year did you begin to see yourself differently? What are the words you’d no longer use to describe yourself? What are your new favorite descriptors?
2012 has been a year of epic proportions. Really when I look back I am sort of wowed by the fact that I am not disheartened or feeling negative over all that transpired.

2012 was the year I learned to use my voice. It was the year I made the difficult decision to walk down off the mountain from my vision quest and not wallow in self pity because of it.

2012 was the year I learned having my identify stolen was really more about paper than my soul and I survived this too.

2012 was the year I looked at myself just a bit more gently as a parent and realized I really am doing the best I can.

I can hear new words forming in my head now as I think to describe myself. Ones that may not have been there last year. Strong. Artistic. Grateful. These are the words I now hold close.


  1. revel in the beauty of a re-born you!


    Aho sister
    love and light

  2. Indeed, this has been an epic year for you my friend. I think every few years we are treated to one series of 12 months that up-end us and force us to SEE with new eyes. This was such a year for you. Thank you for being a brave example of both a woman and an artist. I have loved seeing this journey unfold for you, and feel completely blessed to count you as as my friend. May the next 12 be just as spectacular at showing you all the ways you are incredible. :)


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