Thursday, December 27, 2012

One little word


2013 will be my 3rd year of picking a word as a guide. I never was one for resolutions. In the past I tried to set intentions but it wasn't until I heard about using just one word that I really decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I've learned that one simple word can pack a lot of punch. It gives me a focus for the year. Not anything too concrete, yet powerful enough to make stuff happen! My word for 2012 was Voice. It manifested itself in some interesting ways which is why I was awfully careful how I picked my next word.

Though I tried and tried to ignore it, the word: Revel kept popping up for me. It doesn't appear to be an elegant or beautiful word, but yet it feels like exactly how I want 2013 to look. I'm not sticking to its primary definition either. No, I really don't want 2013 to be about drunken all night parties. Instead I am focusing on another definition: to take great pleasure or delight  It is a powerful, strong word. It's a word that will remind me to live out loud and celebrate. Maybe just maybe it will get me dancing too. Who knows?


  1. 'voice' would be an important one for me.
    revel sounds like a darn lot of fun ahead!

  2. Love this word, Celina! Like you, sometimes I was shocked with how my word of 2012 ended up defining the year in ways I didn't expect! So I'm also picking my next word with care. I find the single word is such a simple, powerful thing to go back to to through the year. I find it far greater than resolutions (usually abandoned by February). I look forward to watching you revel throughout 2013!

  3. I love it
    considering your journey this year..I feel it is the perfect word for you sister
    time to revel and take pleasure in the beauty of you and your life!

    love and light

  4. Love your word for 2013. And clearly your word for 2012 was very powerful. I'm still mulling over my word for the upcoming year. Looking forward to reveling with you. xo

  5. I love it. And I'll dance with you, anytime...anywhere. xoxoxo :)

  6. Revel is wonderful. It's a word that packs in presence, mindfulness, and joy, all in one, and I love that. And dancing, yes more dancing would be nice this year!!!
    Happy New Year lovely Celina!!


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